Terms Of Use

1. Using

Please read the terms before using our web site. If you do not agree with some of the terms, please do not continue using this web site. Sea Lastavica (Swallow) Ltd. reserves the right to change or update content. Notification of changes in the conditions of use will be published on the homepage.

2. Content

The entire content is available for noncommercial use, and it is prohibited to publish, copy or distribute through the Internet, email, and print media without permission Lastavice Sea Ltd. Content is the exclusive property of Sea lastavice Ltd. apart from advertising content, content that point to other sites or content that is otherwise noted. The content of this web site is set to be informed and considered to be valid at the time of publishing. Content is regularly controlled and the level of wrong information is minimal. Sea Lastavica (Swallow) Ltd. reserves the right to change information on this web site without any special warning. Our web sites also contain links to its partners. Please take into account that Sea Lastavica (Swallow) Ltd. can not be held responsible for the operation and accuracy of the information on the web sites of our partners. Terms and Conditions apply only to staff and the content of which is owned by Sea lastavice Ltd.

3. Privacy

Sea Lastavica (Swallow) Ltd. is a company that represents professional team and as such guarantees the protection of your privacy when using our web site. Sea Lastavica (Swallow) Ltd. may ask you some personal information. This can be done with the questionnaire for theprize winning games, survey, reservations, etc. Leaving your personal information is voluntary and will be used solely for the specified purposes. In the case of using a public computer, please log out by the end use of this Web site so that you do not allow unauthorized use of your account.

4. Registration

Please note that during registration you are asked your e-mail address and password that you create on your own. Your email address is required so that we could respond to questions posted on our website. Also in this way each user can always view the status of their queries and reservations. The user can change or remove some of your personal information, which is delivered to your account. The account is protected by a password that you created. If you lose or forget your password, we will help you reach it.

5. Reservations

In order to successfully be able to realize a reservation for your journey, you will be asked some personal information (your name, address, contact phone). That information will be used only for implementation services and will only be available to service providers. This means that collected personal information you provide to us we will not give the use of legal or private persons in a manner that does not conform to these terms.

6. Info

If you want you can send us material that includes ideas, suggestions, photographs and texts. You are responsible to the material submitted does not contain any form of prejudice. Please take into consideration that material submitted becomes our property. For any additional questions regarding the way our business please contact us at info@tastavica.hr. If you notice any irregularity in our business, please us as soon as possible sign.

7. Business

As a user of this Web site can post requests for services from our offer. All offers, conditions and purchase prices are subject to change, but the changes do not affect the already made or paid services. Please read the information about the service you are interested. If you need more information, please contact us. If you have a comment or complaint please notify us before acceptance and payment for the reservations. With each request will be specify the time period for acceptance of reservations.

8. Breaking of conditions

If our company Sea Lastavica (Swallow) Ltd. is seriously endanger we reserves the right to report offenders to the local legislative institution.