Frequently asked questions

Here you can find answers to some frequently asked questions. If you have a question that you do not find the answer on our website, you can set here via email contact form.

1. What personal items needed on the cruise?

Evening wardrobe and suits, you can feel free to leave at home, suitable light clothing, shorts, t-shirt and swimming costumes. For colder nights, especially during the pre and post season, we recommend a warm long sleeve shirt, raincoat. Given that the space in the cabin is limited, we suggest that instead of suitcase (especially hard case to take up much space) some travel bag and backpack. Although the ship is always supervised by one of the crew valuable things that you do not need, leave at home.

2. What documents and visas are required?

On board is required to have personal identification papers or travel documents. Travelers who are not Croatian citizens prior to travel should check the Embassy or Consulate if you need a previously obtained a visa for the Republic of Croatia. The entire cruise is in Croatian territorial waters, so that during the cruise passengers will pass through the border control for the abandonment of the Croatian territory.

3. May you pets on your boat?

On the cruises organized by agencies or individuals are not allowed to drive, and keeping pets on board. Keeping pets is allowed on group trips (charter) with the prior consent of all passengers.

4. Smoking on the boat?

Smoking is permitted on the boat in the open air, deck. In indoors, saloon, passenger cabins and other spaces for passengers is strictly prohibited smoking applicable legislation of Croatia and for security reasons.

5. Restaurant services and payments on the boat?

The ship's lounge is also a restaurant, lounge and bar. You can always get a cold alcoholic and soft drinks. In the usual way, consumption of beverages will be brought to the list that will be charged at the end of your trip. Of course, that the drinks are little expensive than in stores, however, you are in a small floating hotel. Prices of drinks are still cheaper than hotels and can be compared with prices in the cafes and restaurant. Not allowed to bring drinks on the boat. Payments are in Croatian Kuna, Euro and Diners cards.

6. Sleeping in the open

Large number of our passengers think that it is a unique experience to sleep in the fresh air under the starry sky. Of course, that the deck has enough seats, but in this case, bring your sleeping bag or bedding from sponges because the mattresses and bedding from the cabin are not allowed to take out.

7. Electricity and water

Ship Lastavica (Swallow) has aggregates electricity voltage 220 V. In the port the ship is connected to an external source of electrical energy so that the work of aggregates would not interfere with night peace. Reservoirs with water match with the capacity of the cabin and marine beds, so there is always enough water for showering and washing, even if the tank is not fill up for a few days. That is of course if all passengers are reasonable with spending water.

8. Children on board

Cruises in each case represents the experience and for children. However, due to special circumstances that prevail on the ship, cruise is recommended for children of school age and older. It is recommended that you know how to swim. Considering possible danger or accident during the cruise it is neccesary for appropriate caution and responsible parental supervision.

9. Charter

Charter reservation applies to the half-board for all passengers. If you choose full board, it is obligatory for all passangers, a combination of half-board and full board in a charter-group is not possible. Please inform us of your final decision regarding the information up to four weeks prior to the charter. List of travel participants must be submitted to us up to four weeks prior to the charter. Routes within the Croatian territorial waters may be individually settled, average daily duration of sailing is about 5 hours, and 35 hours per week, but a maximum of seven hours in one day. In the case of exceeding the average daily duration of navigation it is required additional payment for the fuel. We recommend when booking to give us information about the preferred route, so that we can calculate the duration provided daily sailing and the total amount of rent.

10. What is not included?

Residence fees and port taxes are not included in the price. The total amount is the amount of 21 € per person for 7 days that need be paid for the cruise on board by board. Tickets for the national parks are not included in the price of the package.

11. Space

Stairs are narrow and sheerer than they are in your home, after a morning dew or a soak on the deck can become slippery. During bad weather, close the windows in their cabins.

12. Accident

In cases of accident crew is trained to provide first aid. We can arrive in a very short time to the nearest facility for emergency medical help. Be careful if you decide to jump from the deck into the sea. Please note that when you jump do not get hurt. We are not responsible for the accident. We recommend that you make the travel insurance packages through agencies or directly from the insurance company.