Our crew is consists of captain, pilot, chef and 3 sailors who are available to passengers throughout the journey. The crew takes care of everything so you can enjoy your trip. During the trip, the crew do not enter your cabin so it remains up to you whether your passenger space will remain in order. The crew cares about the common areas and your comfort as well as privacy.

The cabins that are not listed in the descriptions are available for the crew. It takes some time between disembarkation and embarkation so we can adjust the room for new passengers.

Igor Stančić - Captain

Born in 1962, grew up in a traditional fisherman family that passes down the true knowledge and experience of a captain. Learnt Maritime studies at school. An Officer of the ocean liner, a fisherman, and an experienced captain. With his wife Irene Sladić and his family, he built Lastavica.

Irena Sladić - Housewife

Born in 1968, Irena also holds a captains licence and is always there to join in the fight against the waves if necessary! The right person to solve any problem on board if needed.

Filip Stančić - Sailor

Born in 1992, student of the Maritime Faculty in Rijeka, currently training to be the next captain of Lastavica. Spending all of his free time on Lastavica, he is always ready to replace every member of the crew if needed.

Jurica Knežević - Sailor

He was born in 1991. Big lover of the sea and ships. In its youth, he wa very into cycling. His wish is to become the captain one day. He's in charge of all navy jobs on board, and even more if necessary.

Tanja Martinec

Responsible for communications, promotion, marketing and logistics. Fluent in German and English.

Klempa - Pet

Klempa, the domestic pet and a good spirit on the ship. A small and cheerful crossbread. Up to this day Klempa is still searching for the answer to : "What do I love more? Ship or crew?"